Lady tandem wanted

Hi to all females outside im 39 and like to improve my english and like to learn Croatian too.
I can teach you german.
Im married. born in Germany. I live since 2002 in Austria
my job is a nurse for elderly persons
in my freetime i like music, go to concerts, Metal, Rock, Gothic, take pictures and traveling to Croatia and much more
im social and honest.
Females only.

Looking forward to chat with English language natives !

Submitted by fenua on Wed, 04/29/2015 - 20:52

I'm French and I teach English in France. I've taught in French Polynesia and I travelled in New -Zealand, East Australia, West USA, New Caledonia, the Easter Island etc... I enjoy exchanging about different lifestyles and cultures; I'd be happy to have contacts with people from the countries I've been to. Practicing a foreign language is a way to keep up with one's level as well as a pleasure, isn't it ? I'm also a teacher of French for foreigners, so I'm also willing to exchange with learners of French.

Indisch oder Englisch gegen Deutsch

Guten Morgen,

ich heiße Sunil und wohne in Frankfurt. Ich kann bisschen auf Deutsch sprechen. Ich will gerne mein Deutsch erweitern. Ich suche mehrere Tandemfreunde aus Frankfurt. Wir können uns mehrmals in einer Woche auf Kaffee treffen.

Mit Indisch und englisch kann ich euch helfen. Wir können zusammen indisch kochen.

Schöne grüße
Sunil Kumar